Список английских слов. Часть 1

При подготовке к занятиям ученикам и студентам могут пригодиться списки английских слов. Часто бывают случаи, когда преподаватели требуют выучить определенное (скажем, 200) количество слов из сложной английской лексики. Хотя, это далеко не самый лучший способ учить новые слова (мы придерживаемся идеи естественного изучения слов в контексте путем чтения английских книг), мы решили облегчить жизнь изучающим иностранный язык и составили небольшой список.

1) incarcerate [ɪn’kɑːs(ə)reɪt] – заключать в тюрьму

The sheriff incarcerated Lefty in the county jail. He had wanted to incarcerate Max in the jail too.

2) acquit [ə’kwɪt] – оправдывать

The investigator acquitted Wally of the charges.

3) embezzle [ɪm’bezl] – присваивать

Jerry’s business partner embezzled alarge sum from their checking account.

4) impose a fine – наложить штрафы

5) interrogate [ɪn’terəgeɪt] – допрашивать

I interrogated everyone who was even slightly involved.

6) make a statement – делать заявление

Chefs are very easy to identify because they actually make a statement via their food.

7) to swindle [‘swɪndl] — мошенничать

A campaign was immediately started to punish the people responsible for the swindle, and to discover who had abetted them.

8) to escape justice – ускальзнуть от правосудия

Why should those responsible for such crimes and atrocities against humanity go scot free because they have managed to escape justice for 50 years?

9) to catch up [ʹkætʃʹʌp] – догнать

Most of the third-year students had been back for a month already, desperately trying to catch up with their second-year work.

10) to deserve punishment – заслужить наказание

It’s somehow all our fault and we deserve punishment.

11) conventional [kən’ven(t)ʃ(ə)n(ə)l] — обычный

In practice, a number of conventional formulations were regularly used.

12) secure [sɪ’kjuə] – безопасный

It is accepted in the musical business that this is the easiest and best way to secure your copyright.

13) vicious circle – замкнутый круг

Two of the things dogs often do when anxious are to chew or lose toilet control — and so the whole situation becomes a vicious circle.

14) notorious criminal – отъявленный преступник

Never would he have expected encounters with an assault force of Chelonians and the galaxy’s most notorious criminal in the space of a day.

15) simile [‘sɪmɪlɪ] — сравнение

Reduced to simile, nature was safely on its chain again.

Изучение английских слов — это неотъемлемая часть овладения английским языком. Без них невозможно иметь полноценный словарный запас

16) restrain [rɪ’streɪn] – сдерживать

Back to hospital and you must restrain yourself, old boy, nudge wink.

17) [‘kredjuləs] — доверчивый

In such a situation, I suggest, faith becomes blind, belief becomes credulous and trust becomes misplaced.

18) confide [kən’faɪd] – доверять, верить

But unusually the daughter was able to confide in her grandmother.

19) deduce [dɪ’djuːs] – делать вывод

In our example, we were able to deduce this because all the s were positive.

20) ponder [‘pɔndə] – обдумывать

Cecil retired to his study to ponder the explanation that God had acted mercifully.

21) immaculate [ɪ’mækjələtˌ ɪ’mækjulət] – безупречный

She always looked absolutely immaculate.

23) revise [rɪ’vaɪz] – проверять

I will omit the dangerous exercise if I revise the video.

24) docile [‘dəusaɪl] – послушный

This demonstration is intended to counteract the tendency for pilots trained on very docile gliders to remember the full opposite rudder but to forget the stick movement.


25) attest [ə’test] – потверждать

Many of his most memorable literary effects attest to this.

26) missive [‘mɪsɪv] – послание

The Adjutant observed drily that the Foreign Secretary made it very evident in his missive.

27) brevity [‘brevɪtɪ] – краткость

Brevity truly is the soul of wit.

28) copious [‘kəupɪəs] – обширный

This celebration of the artist’s life and work has copious colour prints of his work as well as a lively text.

29) deft [deft] – ловкий

Taught by Fenna’s crafty and ancient wisdom she had learned well the deft turns of deceit.

30) pursuit [pə’sjuːt] — погоня

His discipline, his dedication, and his pursuit of excellence may not have made him the most charismatic of world class players, but it has made him one of the most respected.

31) stifle [‘staɪfl] – подавлять

Dostoevsky wanted to stifle the thought that he was riding on the back of Nechacv’s perverse glamour.

32) handle [‘hændl] – справиться

Once you have used the gun, it can be left to stand facing upwards thanks to a sprung metal supporting clip on the base of the handle.

33) timing [‘taɪmɪŋ] – слаженность

The second requirement is that of good timing.


 Список английских слов.


Эти слова пригодятся для совершенствования знаний лексики английского языка, что поможет в разговорной практике и чтении английских книг. Несомненно, это важный аспект самостоятельного изучения иностранного языка.

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