The Secrets to Learn English Language

Hi! I am Mike and and I am Shawnie! It’s great to see you again. Today we want to talk to you about Secret #1. Which is, Stop Studying Grammar. Stop, stop, stop studying grammar!

The Secrets to Learn English LanguageTo improve your speaking you have to stop thinking about all the grammar and rules you have learned. The grammar rules have helped you learn how to write better. But they are not helping you speak better.

In fact, these grammar rules are stopping you from speaking fluently because you are thinking too much about which word to say, or what tense the word should be in. I want ask you a question. How did you learn to speak your Native Language as a child? Were you studying grammar rules as a baby? No, of course not! You were already speaking your Native Language before you started studying grammar rules in school. This is the same for all Native English Speakers and every one of all languages around the world.

The Secrets to Learn English LanguageSo why would you need to study English grammar before you can speak English? This is a problem for many students, because many language schools and teachers tell you that grammar is important. But it is stopping your ability to speak automatically because you are thinking too much. It is a fact that many native English speakers have terrible grammar. This is because they didn’t need to study grammar in school. The truth is your grammar is probably better than most of the native English speakers that have taught you.

The Secrets to Learn English Language

But you good grammar skills are not helping you to be able to speak English at the level you want to speak at. You waste a lot of time when you try to make a sentence using grammar rules. When you use grammar rules to speak it’s like trying to solve a difficult math equation in your head. You’re worried about the tense. Should this be future tense? And you spend more time thinking and translating then speaking. To speak fluently and naturally you have to learn the language automatically. You only need to know the correct phrases that English speakers use. Our English Explosion Lessons use this method. This is one of our most powerful methods. This is our English Code Method.

The Secrets to Learn English Language

The Secrets to Learn English LanguageAnother Secret #2you need to study Phrases, Idioms, and Slang. These are the important words and phrases that are used in most everyday conversations that native speakers have. If you know only these words and phrases you will be able to speak English better than other people who moght know thousands of useless words. Did you ever hear native English speakers talking and you had no idea what they were saying? They were using that you had never heard before. They were using words that you had never seen in dictionaries or textbooks. The Native English speakers were saying phrases that you didn’t understand? Well this is because native English speakers use slang and idioms when they speak, and they use phrases that are full of these idioms and slang. These are not the normal words that you see in textbooks and dictionaries. But these are the common words you hear in everyday conversations. These are the words and phrases people use in real life. They start learning phrases as children. These phrases are groups of words that when used together have a particular meaning. You need to learn that.

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