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Текст «Summer Camp»

Топик «Summer Camp»

My name is Ann and I’m fifteen years old. I always try to change the environment for our holidays. Summer camp is a great way for kids to spend summer holidays. In the camp there are a lot of children from different cities of the country and this is a great way to meet new friends. Camps are usually situated in very nice places, such as sea coast, by lakes or in the mountains. So children can get fresh air, go swimming, do a lot of sport and many other activities. Camps can last for a few days, a week, or even a month depending on the program. Each has their own unique programs and activities.

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Топик "My summer holidays" – Мои летние каникулы

Топик «My summer holidays» – Мои летние каникулы

Рассказ My summer holidays – Мои летние каникулы

My name is Marat. I’m eleven. I would like to tell about my last summer holidays.

Summer is my favorite time of the year. Summer holidays are the longest. This year I spent my summer holidays in the country. Most of the time I walked, cycled, spent time with my friends. When the weather was hot, we went to the lake. In the evenings, I helped my mother water the beds in the garden. I liked my summer holidays very much!

Перевод текста о летних каникулах

Меня зовут Марат. Мне одиннадцать лет. Я хочу рассказать о моих прошедших летних каникулах.

Лето — мое любимое время года. Летние каникулы самые длинные. В этом году я провел летние каникулы в деревне. Большую часть времени я гулял, ездил на велосипеде, проводил время с друзьями. Когда погода была жаркая, мы ходили на озеро. По вечерам я помогал маме поливать грядки в саду. Мне очень понравились мои летние каникулы!

Текст «Holiday By The Sea» на английском

Сочинение «Holiday By The Sea» – Отдых у моря

My name is Dima. I’m twelve. I spent summer holidays by the sea.

My parents and I like travelling very much and we usually stay in hotels. We prefer staying in “All inclusive” hotels. These are hotels which are very popular among tourists in hot countries. Having a holiday by the sea is very important if you live in the north where there is not so much sunshine and warmth.

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Тема «Love Is Life» (Любовь — это жизнь)

Топик Love Is Life — Любовь — это жизнь

What is love? Even in this advanced age of science, when people conquer space, do the shopping via the Internet, clone animals and transplant organs, they still don’t fully understand the nature and purpose of love. There are numerous definitions of love. For example, the dictionary defines love as ‘a strong feeling of fondness for another person, especially between members of a family or close friends’. Love is a mixture of complex and extremely powerful feelings. It is a major theme in philosophy, literature, music, poetry and cinematography.

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Письмо об отпуске на английском

Письмо об отпуске на английском

Письмо о прошедшем отпуске

Dear Andrew,

I hope you had a good vacation. After the heat of this summer I am sure you must be glad to be back at your work again.

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